Rouse Hill Community Baptist Church (formerly Lighthouse Community Church) is a diverse group of people of all ages who come together to celebrate their common care for each other and their shared love for Jesus.

We believe (and have discovered through experience) that God has revealed himself to us through the coming to Earth of God’s Son Jesus. Jesus is the only person in history who is both God and human.

Through his life, Jesus shows us the way God wants us to live in self-giving love for God and for humanity.

Through his death on the cross for us, Jesus took on himself the penalty due to us for our wrong thoughts and actions and attitudes. Through our belief and acceptance that Jesus died for us, we can experience God’s love and forgiveness and acceptance of us.

Through his coming to life again, Jesus proved that he has power over death, both for himself and for those who choose to become followers of Jesus.

As explained to us in the Bible, Jesus offers us a loving relationship with God here on Earth, and a whole new life now that comes from knowing God. Also, Jesus offers us life forever with God after our physical death here. The way to know God’s love and forgiveness for us is by believing in Jesus and asking God to forgive us, and by committing our lives as followers of Jesus.

Following is a brief history of our development as a church.  For a fuller understanding of our story and our journey to this point we invite you to read Changing Names: a turning point in the Stories section of our site.

Lighthouse Community Church was planted from Dural Baptist Church in 1999. Pastor Rob and Sue Tanner established the church with a group of people from Dural Baptist Church.

We met first as a house church and then commenced Sunday morning services in Beaumont Hills Public School from February 2002.

Rob and Sue and the servant leadership team led the church from 1999 to 2006.

In 2005 Lighthouse moved its meeting location to Ironbark Ridge Public School in Rouse Hill.

In 2006 Rob and Sue accepted a call to Milton Ulladulla Baptist Church.

Ric Sindel accepted a call to Lighthouse in 2007 in a part-time capacity and began ministry here in October 2007.

In August 2014 Lighthouse Community Church members approved the change of the Church’s name to become Rouse Hill Community Baptist Church.  While we remain committed to the vision and values that we formed as Lighthouse Community Church we believe that our new name more directly identifies both our geographical location and ministry focus area of Rouse Hill and North Kellyville and also our affiliation with the Baptist Association of Churches in NSW.

Rouse Hill Community Baptist Church has had a good relationship with the schools in which we have conducted our services and activities and with Rouse Hill Town Centre where we met in the Community Hub facility for 18 months.

The church now meets in the Mile End Community (Seventh Day Adventist ) Church in Mile End Road, Rouse Hill, NSW.

We would love to talk with you about faith in Jesus, or to provide you with more information. So feel free to Contact us.