Vision Statement     Mission and Vision

Our vision is:

to be people changed by God’s Spirit

     to share the good news about Jesus

     and to demonstrate God’s compassion, justice and love


Our Purposes


REVERING God the Father, Jesus, (God’s Son) and the Holy Spirit in the way we live


RENEWING our faith and knowledge of Jesus through Bible study, prayer, worship and service


RESPONDING to the Holy Spirit to become more like Jesus in what we do, think and value, and to be effective in our service for Jesus


RELATING to the wider Christian Church , our church family and our local   communities through our relationship with God


RESTORING people to wholeness by witnessing to God’s love in our local, national and global communities, calling people to respond to God’s message of salvation through Christ alone. We demonstrate God’s love through compassion and advocacy for justice


Our Values


We seek to be



to live in obedience to the Lordship of Christ in our individual lives and as Christ’s church with honesty and integrity



to welcome people, irrespective of their background, into our community



to identify, develop and use our spiritual gifts, understandings and abilities in serving God



to give our time, money, learning, energy, care and friendship in serving God



to be flexible, receptive and responsive to God’s leading, through prayer, worship, Bible reading and the Holy Spirit’s promptings



to speak out the good news of salvation through faith in Jesus and walk with people to mature and active faith. We take joy in seeing people saved, reconciled, healed, and restored to the fullness God intends for them



to reflect Christ’s love in our support, care and encouragement of one other, and to help one another grow in our faith, our joy in life and in good works towards others in Christ’s name.