Sunday Worship

You are welcome to join us for Sunday worship at Rouse Hill Community Baptist Church.

We come together as a diverse group of people to celebrate our common care for each other and our shared love for Jesus.

Our services are an informal mix of praise, worship,teaching and encouragement and include music, prayer, the reading and teaching of God’s Word, applied to our everyday lives.

Head and shoulders photo of Marti Barber

Photo of Marti Barber

This Sunday Marti Barber, from our congregation, will be continuing our series on the role of the Holy Spirit in our community and mission.

The topic for this week is “The work of the Holy Spirit in enabling Mission”

Paul and Noeline Drayton will be leading the worship music for our service, including a song for the children before they go to their Kid’s Church activity.

Picture of a Paul and Noeline Drayton singing with handheld mikes as they lead worship

Paul and Noeline Drayton leading worship music




We warmly invite you to join us on Sunday morning to worship God together, explore the truth and relevance of God’s Word to us today, and to encourage each other.


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