Billy Cart with one boy pushing and another driving.

Rouse Hill Billy Cart Derby – Why Community Matters at Rouse Hill Community Baptist Church

Church for the Lighthouse Community (now Rouse Hill Community Baptist) on Sunday July 20, 2014, meant suspending the service in our usual location and instead joining with Men in Action, Rouse Hill Town Centre, other local churches and community groups to run the third annual Rouse Hill Billy Cart Derby! It was a fun day for kids, families and the wider community.   The idea was originally conceived by Lighthouse and Men in Action, and run for the first time in 2012 with the cooperation of the groups mentioned above. Each year the concept has grown and involved more participants, sponsors and partners.  Although on a chilly day, Sunday’s event was no exception, particularly with RHTC allowing this year’s event to run down the Centre’s Main Street, with Festival stalls being set up around Town Square. Children were thrilled and excited to take part in the races and activities, and parents and local community leaders were positive in their comments about the day.
Showbags containing copies of Mark’s gospel, information from sponsors and participating churches and groups, and helpful community resources on parenting and mental health, were distributed by each of the stalls.
The Rouse Hill Times newspaper published an article about the day.  A link to the article also appears below, together with a photo gallery.
Why did we spend a Sunday in this way for the last 3 years? We believe community matters and that God calls us to live out community  in a variety of ways.  As our Pastor Ric Sindel reminds us, “Rouse Hill Community Baptist Church is a diverse group of people of all ages who come together to celebrate their common care for each other and their shared love for Jesus.”  As followers of Jesus we believe that He calls us to care for each other within our church community and also connect with and show His love and hope to our community locally, nationally and beyond.” The Billy Cart Derby is one of the ways that we seek to do that – to build and foster relationships within our wider community and to have fun in the process!
What is community to you?

Billy cart derby a wheel fun hit

Rouse Hill Times 23 Jul 2014

EVEN though it was a bit chilly, the third annual Rouse Hill Billy Cart Derby was a huge success on Sunday. Thousands enjoyed the spectacle of more than 180 homemade billycarts racing down the Main St of Rouse Hill Town Centre and also the family…read more…

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